Before you write your story, you must have two things clear to yourself: The main character and the scene. Without these two things, you have no history. (If you do not want to be innovative – but that is an entirely different matter)


A main character and a great scene are two fundamental things in storytelling. If you remove one of them you will have it will lack the foundation to make a great story.

Before you create your history you must:

1) Create your character 

To make a story that sells you need to create a character that your customers identify with. You need to build your character based on the needs and motivation that your customers have. In marketing you often call it a ”Persona” – but I want to call it character. “A Persona is a definition of the characteristics of a type of person That is Involved in the purchase process and how They want to drive and be part of the purchase process of your solution.”

This is how you create your character:

Ask yourself, your salesmen and your customers following questions:

What business challenges have been and how would you prioritize between them.
What are the business goals and performance goals you want to achieve?
What are the things that stop or may stop the buyer from wanting to invest in order to find solutions to their business initiatives?
What’s important for the buyer to make the final decision to buy?

It is important that you ask different people who have different roles in the buying process. It tends to be effective to ask people who right now are about to buy. Someone who just purchased and someone who the company has lost an affair with. The results are compiled and presented internal for all who are affected by your new content marketing strategy. If you do not have time to interview both your salesmen and customers, it is enough long to just interviewing a number of your sales.

2) Create your scene

Now it’s time to build a scene to your main character. In what context is it that our character will live in? You are now going to find out is the environments in which you character run into your services and products. Your are going to find your Sweet Spot!

How to find your Sweet Spot!
It has always been important to clarify exactly what target groups (segments) to address the different products and offers. To succeed in the future, this becomes even more important.
It is often effective to start by analyzing the current customer base.

What kind of customers are in our “sweet spot”?
Where do we win the most
Where are our most satisfied customers?
Where are our most profitable customers?
Choose a segment!
This is usually defined as follows:

Product name
Customer Problems
Offer (what is it we deliver and how)
Price model

Ask yourself the following five questions to yourself:

In what environments running our clients together with our services or products?
What have our customers for turnover, number of employees, industry, geography and so on.
What are the business needs that drive the purchase and the type of business?
Purchasing behavior – How would the buyer wants to buy?

Well, now it’s time-to-start writing your story!


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