Why should marketers learn to write stories? The answer is biology. Our brains are constructed in such a way that new information is best received when we consume it in the form of a story. Simple!

Our memory is strongly connected to our capacity of imagine rooms and environments. In order to make information comprehensible, to make them definite. When you put something in a lining up the facts, you actually help the receiver to assimilate the information.

Your life is built on stories

This is how it works! Everything that you ever learned is built on a story. And even our lives have a beginning and an end. This means that we naturally think it’s more difficult to understand facts not packaged in a story. For example: First we told a story about how man kind was created (Adam and Eve). Then we continued on another story in the same theme (Darwin). And finally, we are in the making of a new story – how universe was created.

It’s all about understanding

On a deeper level, the human desire to constantly tell stories have actually nothing to do with the truth. Our passion for stories is more about how our thoughts are designed to make us understand things. For everything is about understanding – and this is best done with a story. That’s a fact! How deeply your customers understand your products and services is the measurement of how great your story is.

Text, photo, illustration or video

If you tell your story in a video, film or picture, people will understand it easier than if you only write it down. This is why most of us (no matter what we say) find it easier to see the movie than to read the book. When we read a book, we must create our own images which makes it more intellectually challenging. But when we watch a movie we don’t need to create the images – because someone else has already made them for us. And because we are lazy by nature and always take the easiest route (especially today when there is such an information overload) we’ll choose the video, film or picture instead of reading the text. But no matter in what media you deliver your story, you’ll need a really good story. Don’t forget that! The story is the part that you must spend 90% of your energy into.

So, why write a story? 

It’s the most effective way to convince people about a new product, service or idea.
Every religion (that I know) are explained through stories – a marketing success!
Disney use it to sell merch! Which is a HUGE success!


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